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Research Post Doctoral Fellowship

The advancement of minimally invasive surgery requires on going research with project development. The Miami MIS & bariatric surgery fellowship at Baptist Health is vastly involved in research, publications, abstracts, presentation at local, regional and national meetings. To that end, the role of a research/ postdoctoral fellow for the creation, modification and submission of research endeavors is necessary.

The Miami MIS & Bariatric Fellowship offers a Research/ Post Doctoral Fellowship. This fellowship, which has flexibility in duration, focuses on Observation of minimally invasive, bariatric and robotic surgeries at all 3 hospitals within the fellowship. The fellow will be involved in:

  • Research meetings with Dr Anthony Gonzalez and his research team
  • Monthly Core conferences with clinical fellow, attendings and students
  • Monthly Journal Club with clinical fellow, attendings and students
  • Creation of research ideas, projects and protocols
  • Submission to Institutional Review Board (IRB)
  • Involvement with creation and editing of procedural videos
  • Attendance to Local, Regional or National scientific meetings

This research/ Post Doctoral Fellowship is available via application to Dr Anthony Gonzalez.
Length of fellowship is variable.