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Clinical Surgical Fellowship

The advancement of minimally invasive surgery over the past 20 years has placed a burden on surgical residencies to train surgeons in the area of expertise. The addition of the restricted hours of residents beginning in 2003 has decreased the operative experience of chief residents graduating from residency programs. To that end, the advent of MIS fellowships has fulfilled the void that has existed.

Bariatric surgery, another area of advanced surgical expertise, has also progressed to a minimally invasive field. This sub specialty, also, has been unable to be taught adequately within the surgical residency. Therefore, bariatric surgery fellowships have been created to further train surgeons interested in this field.

More recently, the progression of robotic surgery into general and bariatric surgery has further burdened the residency programs. This too has been an area of surgical specialty that could be taught within an MIS and/or bariatric surgery fellowship.

Baptist Health is a faith based non-for profit organization, which consists of 6 hospitals and many more urgent care centers. Recently, Baptist Health has created an affiliation with Florida International University College of Medicine to educate medical students in their clinical years. In addition, a hospital (West Kendall Baptist Hospital) has been created for the future training of Family Practice Residents to fill the void created in primary care in the local market. The Baptist Health MIS & Bariatric Surgery fellowship was formed to create an opportunity for surgeons who have completed a general surgery residency and are board eligible or certified to be further trained in advanced MIS, Robotic and Bariatric Surgery.

For more information or application to this clinical surgical fellowship please visit:Fellowship Council